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How to Make Money on YouTube - A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Money on YouTube

 There are many articles that talk about Make Money on YouTube on other sites, but today I do not intend to add a new article to this list, but I will provide a complete, exclusive, reliable, and completely free guide for everyone looking to Make Money on YouTube.

Today I will put in your hands a comprehensive guide through which you can become a real, successful, famous YouTuber, capable of making thousands of dollars steadily and securely, in legal ways that are compatible with the laws and conditions of YouTube.

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Here are some of the most important points that I will cover in this guide:

  • I will mention the most important points that make YouTube an exceptional opportunity to make an online money.
  • I will answer the question, "What do I need to earn from YouTube?"
  • I will put in front of you the steps that you need to follow in detail in order to start making money from YouTube.
  • I will put in your hands a set of tips and very important points that will help you in your journey to make money from YouTube.
  • I will put in your hands a set of professional courses on Udemy, which will help you a lot to succeed.
These are main aspects that will be covered in the article, but this is not all. In the middle of the lines and during the explanation you will learn about many important points, including:
  • The answer to the question of profit rate from YouTube, and how much do you earn from a thousand views.
  • Terms of makin money from YouTube with a simple and easy explanation, and how to achieve them.
  • What to do if you don't have the skill you need to make money from YouTube.
  • A group of important YouTube links, including the YouTube Educational Academy, the Terms and Conditions page, the property rights policies page, etc.

Before we start, I tell you that make money on YouTube requires time, effort, and investment as well, in fact the results that can be harvested are worth the time, effort and required investment.

And here is your first test in making the effort required to succeed, which is to study this guide completely with focus and attention.

Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and effort in the future, and it will prevent you from making many mistakes, so do not be lazy and pass your first test.

Why youtube is the best option for making money?

  1. Video in general and YouTube in particular is an excellent way to spread any idea in an easy, simple and effective way to users.
  2. The users are often lazy, so they prefer to see what they want on the Internet with the most comfortable means, and this is precisely what YouTube videos provide.
  3. According to the statistics about YouTube, it alone attracts nearly two billion users per month.
  4. Because of the profit-sharing system provided by YouTube, video producers have become more motivated to create videos with the most efficiency and professionalism and to cover all human concerns. Based on this, YouTube users have come to trust it as a search engine and use it not only for entertainment, but also to use it to answer all their questions and solve all their problems.
  5. YouTube represents an opportunity for everyone who has a passion or interest, to convert this passion or interest into an opportunity to make a profitable and growing profit.
  6. YouTube is not an opportunity for a specific category of content creators, but it has opened new horizons and opportunities for photographers, video designers, actors, directors ... etc.
In short, YouTube is an online version of the world of cinema and television, but it is a more innovative and flexible version, and its doors are open to everyone without distinction, and you, my friend, have every right to enter through its open doors.

What do I need to start earning from YouTube?

YouTube channel idea

This is the most important point at all in the way of make money on YouTube, and if it is implemented smartly and wisely, it reduces a lot of effort and time in the future.
In order to know the success of the YouTube channel idea, you must evaluate it according to two main side:
And they will be expressed here through these two questions:
Question 1: Will your channel be about an idea you really are good at?
There is always a common factor among all YouTube stars, or let's say all the successful and famous YouTube channels, this factor is that they are really good at what they do.
Here, you, as an one seeking to make money from YouTube, must have an idea for a YouTube channel that revolves around a field that you are really interested in, knowledgeable and well-known about, and you have a passion and love for learning in this field always.

Question 2: Is there an audience that cares about what you intend to make on your channel?
Suppose in the previous point that you are interested in astronomy and space and intend to create a YouTube channel on this topic, in the next point you have to measure the size of your expected audience:
Here are some points that will help you understand the size of your potential audience:
  1. Use Google's Keyword Planner to measure your search rate, enter the most important keywords that your channel will revolve around and write down the monthly search rates for each word.
  2. Search on YouTube for similar channels, and write down the number of subscriptions in each of them (remember that low number of subscribers may be due to the poor quality of the channels, and not to the lack of an interested audience). Also, you should search for videos similar to what you want to create on your channel, as some channels that offer various content may contain one or more videos about your channel idea, also note the number of views for each video.
  3. Search on social media for groups or pages that talk about the idea of ​​your channel, and note the size of these groups and the level of interaction with them.


Now you have the idea of ​​a YouTube channel according to your interests and passions, which have a large audience that is really interested ... very cool, now you have to know what skills you need to start the channel.
Although working as a YouTuber is a flexible thing, and it can be started with the least possible means, there are some important skills that you must possess in case you want to create a promising YouTube channel with a rapid growth rate.
I will list for you the most important skills required for making a successful youtube channel, but this does not necessarily mean that you need all of them to start your channel and make money from it, as there may be some skills that you will not need them due to your channel niche.
It is also important to say that most successful and profitable YouTube channels are not based on one person, but behind them is a whole team working together in different specialties, so you as a channel owner do not have to possess all the skills that we will mention below:

The first skill: speaking, recitation, acting, explanation and commenting

Of course, you have to possess the skill that matches the nature of the content that you intend to present in your channel, and for clarity, let's continue with our example of space and astronomy ... You have to have good skills in communicating information and commenting on hot news in the world of space, and the ability to explain and simplify difficult concepts..etc.

The secon skill: photography

Video quality is a very important element to gain more views, for achieving more profits, and of course the quality of the video depends greatly on the skills of the photographer.

The third skill: editing and directing

Good photography without good directing is nothing, so to complete good video photography, there must also be skills to professionally produce this photography, and this requires some effort in learning and gaining experience.

The fourth skill: Marketing

Everything that happens through the Internet needs marketing efforts in order for it to bear fruit, and this applies to profit from YouTube as well.
As a YouTube channel owner, you have to have some knowledge and skill about how to market your videos and channel, whether through YouTube itself or through other social media, or through an independent blog for your YouTube channel.

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